Shared hosting or VPS

Building your first website can be a daunting task if you never done it before. There is a million things to learn. One of the first things that can cause a challenge is deciding what hosting to get. If you want to build a small website then the answer might be easy. You get a cheap shared hosting or even a free hosting account. If you want to build a larger website that you want to build a business around then the answer might not always be as clear. A part of you might want to try to keep the cost down while another part of you know that you need to do what you can to guarantee the user experience. You know that share hosting might not be enough…
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Does guest posting still work?

Guest posting on a lot of blogs were all the rage a few years ago since it was a very effective way to build links and improve your rankings in the search engines. Like all things that are easy to do and effective the method was abused by webmasters that used it for quick gains without actually adding any value. There was a lot of networks with no other purpose than to allow people to guest post on them. They were in many ways a rebirth of the article directories but with a different name. The whole thing got so bad that Google publicly mention guest posting as a spam technique that could hurt your website. In this article we are going to take a look at the state of…
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Link building techniques to avoid

Links are the life blood of any website. They help people find your website and help tell the search engines that your website is popular and deserve to rank high in the search results. The more links your website have and the stronger those links are the more likely it is to reach the top of google. A link from a website that has a lot of links pointing to it is more worth than a link from a web page that has no links pointing towards it. The importance of links means that you will have to reach out to find website that are willing to link to your website. The process of finding sites that are willing to links to yours is called link building. In this post…
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